How to Choose the Right Keyboard Size for You

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Whether as students, creatives, gamers, or business people, one thing is certain: the time we spend typing. When we are not scrolling or clicking, we press and press on the keys. So, our keyboard must be very reliable and valued. But keyboards aren’t just meant for typing. When you get to know the extra functions of a keyboard, you can do much more. There could be many reasons to change your keyboard: broken, old or outdated. Whatever the reason, this list is here to help you. Here are a few things you should consider when choosing the right keyboard size for all of your computing needs.




The design is an integral part of your computing experience. It makes a major difference and is grouped into ergonomic, typical and gaming. Standard keyboards come with a standard set of 104 keys and multimedia keys. Ergonomic keyboards are built to reduce the constant discomfort typing causes your wrist. They may be a little expensive, but that is a small price to pay for comfort. Gaming keyboards are designed for the sole purpose of gaming, so it comes with unique keys for gaming and multimedia keys.


Working in the dark? Think about an illuminated keyboard. Are you a programmer? The DVORAK is a better option for you than the QWERTY layout. For comfort purposes, consider a split style keyboard. A water-proof keyboard is the best option for clumsy people because they are good if you always want to keep it clean. 

There are varieties of keyboard with different features for different people. You have to choose the one you most desire.




The keystroke is the device that makes the keyboard respond to touch. You should check the keystrokes of the keyboard you want to purchase. The typewriter, for instance, has a hard keystroke. You don’t want a keyboard that will have you typing with every ounce of your strength. If you are a writer, you should buy a keyboard with a feather-like, soft, and sensitive touch. As well as a low noise level, comfort and sensitivity. For gaming best are mechanical keyboards.

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Work Type


The needs you have dictates the best kind of keyboard for you. There are different types of keyboards in the market right now, each with different benefits and purposes. What you should consider is the type of work you intend to do with your keyboard. Some keyboards are designed for gaming, so look into it if you are a serious gamer. Their layout and shape are constructed with a gamer in mind.

But gaming is not everyone's priority. Occupations with keyboard use call for different needs. Depending on your occupation, a keyboard with a numeric keypad is the best option for you. If your job involves lengthy typing periods, you should get an ergonomic keyboard. It will provide you with a beautiful and comfortable experience, making your work on your computer easy and swift. 

The Point

Your work dictates your need

    • Standard: designed for everyone 

      • 104 keys 

    • Ergonomic: designed for comfort

      • built for wrist comfort

    • Gaming: designed for gaming 

      • shape and layout meant for gaming


Consider your features

    • DVORAK layout for programming 

    • Spit-style layout

    • Illuminated backing

    • Water-proof


Keystroke is key

    • Light to the touch for long sessions 

    • Low noise 

    • Comfort for positioning

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There are two different configurations for different keyboards: wired and wireless. Wireless keyboards are powered by batteries, so expect to frequently buy batteries. Wireless keyboards will save you from the clutter of wires. Yet, wired keyboards are better for gaming. Try both to really get a feel for what you like. 




The price of the keyboard is essential. As price varies, so does the features included in the keyboard. The higher the quality it has, the more expensive it is. Your needs will reflect the price of the keyboard. Average price usually get you an average keyboard.


The Point


Wired or wireless?

    • Wired is more responsive

      • Better for gaming 

    • Wireless requires batteries 

      • No need to worry about clutter

    • Try both!


Price is dictated on need

    • Ranges from $20-130

    • Just need a keyboard? Lower end pricing

    • Ergonomic? Mid to high

    • Gaming? High end




The new generation of keyboards use USB ports to connect to the computer, so it is vital to get a keyboard that is compatible with your computer's ports. Wireless keyboards use Bluetooth to connect to the computer and are more complex than the standard USB cord


Extra Function Keys


Extra function keys are essential to hasten your tasks and typing. Keys like volume control and power management. Customizing shortcuts and unique character layout are also a plus. Some keyboards even come with a mini-joystick or touchpad that replaces the

mouse. Get as good keyboard as you can afford because after you sell your PC you keep the keyboard and will use it with a new machine.


The Point


Get the keyboard that's compatible for you

    • Have the necessary ports

      • USB


Understand extra key functions

    • Volume and Power management 

    • Custom short cuts 



onsider mouse substitutes 

    • Mini joystick 

    • Touchpad




Having the right keyboard makes our work faster and more efficient. Whether you are playing a game, writing a report, doing classwork or just navigating on your computer, you have to choose the one that suits your need. For more tips on buying electronics visit

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