Are MacBooks or iMacs Good for Gaming?

Since its inception, Apple has carved an image for itself. An image of innovation and great things. From innovative designs, excellent software optimization, impressive build-quality for all their products, effective customer support, and exclusive prices – Apple has remained exquisite for as long as it is.

For computers, Apple has Macbooks and the iMac, two types of PC everyone would love to own. Well, maybe not gamers. Despite all of the good things on these Apple-made PCs and the accolades they receive, they have never been seen as ideal for gamers.


Is this view true? Are Macbooks and iMacs good for gaming?

The answer is No, Macbooks and iMacs are not great for gaming. Serious gamers never consider the Mac, if they own it then it is likely for other things asides from serious gaming. Most gamers already know why Macs are bad for gaming but a lot of other users do not know these reasons.

Here are the reasons you should not consider buying a MacBook as a gaming laptop.

The hardware doesn’t have enough power for gaming

Apple products are great and quite costly at that. But most gamers will rather go for a PC than a Mac. Asides from that the PC offers you more freedom to do things, there is also the hardware issue. Serious gamers know how important hardware is in gaming.

The hardware in a gaming computer must be capable of providing adequate support for the powerful graphic chips that are used to run the games. Without a doubt, most Macs have an excellent CPU. The display on almost every Mac is great as well. For storage and RAM, they deliver greatly too.


However, there is an essential gaming hardware that is not great in Macs and it is the graphics. Most Macs use the integrated graphics cards from Intel and they are underpowered. Every gamer knows that integrated graphics cards are not great when it comes to gaming. Even if you use the best APUs, they wouldn’t still deliver.

With a dedicated graphics-card, iMacs still wouldn’t be capable of running most games smoothly. Consider that Macs are still more expensive than most PCs, therefore it doesn’t make sense to leave cheaper and better gaming laptops for an expensive option that will not deliver.


Macs’ hardware is not built for gaming, they do not possess enough power to run almost every game a serious gamer would need. Also, there is the issue of the operating system that is not so compatible with a lot of games.

For example, there are over 20000 games you could get on Windows, while there only 7000 for Macs. They are not just built for gaming.

Macs are not easily upgradeable

For serious gamers, they know that there is always the need to upgrade their hardware from time to time. This is because games are getting more advanced by the year. Therefore, to play the newest games, there will always be the need for hardware with more power.

It is quite unfortunate that Macs cannot be upgraded. You cannot always piece them apart because you want to run a game. To do so, you require a huge sum of money. It is not worth it when you consider the cost at the end.

This is why serious gamers will never want a Mac for gaming.

How can casual gamers enjoy gaming on the Mac?

As earlier stated, there are some games available on the Mac. But the selection and range are not all that. Serious gamers will always stay away from the Mac. However, as a casual gamer, there is a way you can work around playing games on the Mac.

The process is called Cloud gaming.

Cloud gaming gives a gamer external access to a PC or computer in the cloud. The gamer will make use of the CPU power of his/her Mac to play different games.


The GeForce Now from Nvidia is what made this possible. It allows easy use and better compatibility with some popular games on PC.

All you have to do is visit the GeForce Bow website to download it on your Mac, then go ahead to install and sign in.


The answer to the main question on if Macs are good for gaming is quite evident. There are several reasons why you should not buy a Mac for gaming purposes. They are not just built for it. And if you already did, you can sell MacBook to us and purchase another computer dedicated to gaming.

The hardware is not up to the task, and they are not worth upgrading. Apple runs an exclusive with their OS, therefore there is also the issue of game compatibility. Most games are built for Windows.


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