What to Expect from the MacBook Pro 16 M1X

We do not know everything about the latest MacBook Pro 16, but we know some of the things to expect, and here are they.

The MacBook has been doing well in terms of new products lately, the MacBook Pro M1 and the MacBook Air M1 ushered in a fresh era for Apple laptops. Apple did well for both of the MacBooks but we know how Apple is always looking to do better. We have been hearing some information about the next MacBook to be released, which is the MacBook Pro 16.


The MacBook Pro 13 M1 is a joy to own. However, we all know the happiness that comes with using a PC with a large screen. This is why there are high hopes for the latest 16-inches MacBook from Apple.

To this point, we have heard some mouth-watering details for the 16-inch MacBook Pro, which includes the welcomed return of the MagSafe, the TouchBar being absent, and a likely upgraded chip – the M1X. We put together all the details we have heard about the MacBook Pro 16 to give you a foundation on what to expect.


Price and Release Date


As at this moment, we are yet to get official announcements from Apple about new MacBook release dates. But rumor has it that the MacBook Pro 16 will debut in Q2 of this year or latest in Q3.

Ming-Chi Kuo, the popular Apple analyst, and Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, both expect Apple to release some MacBooks this year in both 14-inch and 16-inch sizes. Per Kuo, the latest MacBooks should arrive in either the second or third quarter of the year. And Gurman reports a mid-year release from Apple. Some other sources have also reported a mid-year launch, which all points to the second quarter of 2021.


Putting together all of this information, we expect the latest MacBook release to be around mid-late summer. Although we are prepared for some changes that might be caused due to the uncertainties around Covid-19

We are yet to get details on the price of the latest MacBook Pro 16, although the current model of the 16-inch MacBook is set at $2,399. The refreshed M1 MacBooks have all started at the same price as all of their predecessors, so we expect the MacBook Pro-16 to follow the trend except there is a major hardware change.


The Design


According to Ming-Chi Kuo, the TouchBar is the most notable absence in the latest MacBook Pro. This time, there will be physical keys instead. Kuo also states that there will be a large port range in this one. This is because Apple wants to reduce the need for dongles. The MacBook Pro 16 will be the first Mac to have other ports asides from the USB-C since 2015.

The MagSafe is also set to return in the MacBook Pro 16. After many years of absence, the MagSafe returns after we saw it in the iPhone 12. Gurman also revealed that the MagSafe will have the same pill-shape design we remember while revealing that there will be a brighter screen.


The Display


There are rumors about Apple moving towards using the mini-LED display in its latest devices. The mini-LED display has numerous advantages. It offers deeper blacks and colors, higher brightness, better contrast, and is more power-efficient.

Rumors have it that the mini-LED display will be in the latest iPad Pro, as well as the iMac. We are not sure if the display will be in the MacBook Pro 16, but there is a high chance it will have, giving the increased screen brightness mentioned by Gurman.


The Specs


We are yet to get a lot of information about the specs of the MacBook Pro 16, but we know it will have the M1 chip giving how well it has performed. Although we know it will likely be the upgraded version, which is the M1X.

There have been reports that the M1X is set for its debut in the latest MacBook Pro 16. It will have 12 cores, which are eight performance-cores and four high-efficiency-cores. The initial M1 chip had only four cores each for efficiency and performance.

With this level of performance, the power might want to be a concern. Although we do not expect it to be an issue giving how well the predecessors have performed in that regard.




Although we are yet to know a lot more about the latest MacBook Pro 16. The things we have heard until now suggest that we are getting a beastly machine, with the M1X chip being the biggest deal of all. The MagSafe’s return is also great.

If the new MacBook Pro 16 doesn’t have all of these features, and only some of them it is already shaping up to be a fantastic machine. If you want one you can sell your MacBook to us for case and buy the new 16-inch beast.