Top 3 Gaming PCs Under $2000

HP Omen 880 Desktop PC

The demand for gaming PCs continues to soar every year, and it is becoming tougher per year to get DIY upgrades. The best gaming computer cost quite some money, with the latest processors and GPUs. The graphics card from RTX or AMD are the most-sought right now and they don’t come cheap.

However, there are still gaming machines that you can get for under $2000 and have the best experience. These gaming PCs are put together by computer manufacturers. They take the work of DIY off you and save you so much stress for under $2000.


These computers will give you the level of performance you require for that good price. They have some of the top graphics cards and CPUs required for premium gaming. They also offer after-sale support that will help you make sense of things when you get stuck.

The top 3 gaming PCs we bring to you have great value for money, great parts, and offer great support for you after purchase.


Here we go:

Alienware Aurora R11

For about $1,680 max price, you can get the Aurora R11 from Alienware. When it comes to making gaming PCs, Alienware is a household name. They have a unique design and a strong performance.

The Aurora R11 has the 10th Generation Intel processor and this is alongside Nvidia’s GPUs, which range from the GTX 1650 to the premium RTX 3090. You can get the display from an affordable 1080p to an astonishing 4K display.


There is the Alienware AIO cooling system that helps to keep the interior at a good level of temperature. Alienware also provides you with good customer service, a solid warranty, and a quality build.

The case design might be unconventional but it makes use of every space it has judiciously. A plus, however, is the ease of access to almost all parts of the PC without needing tools. It also makes maintenance and upgrading easy.

The Aurora R11 was targeted at providing a premium and convenient product for gamers, with slight ease of upgrade. Alienware achieved this with the Aurora R11.


Alienware Aurora R10


For under $1,900, Alienware delivers with the Aurora R10. The Aurora R11 might be our first pick in this post due to its Intel CPU upgrades, but the R10 comes strong when we look at the graphics side of the processors.

The AMD Ryzen CPUs have always been great in terms of price and performance. And there is the upcoming introduction of the AMD Ryzen edition systems that comes with 5000-series chips. The Ryzen 9 5900x is great for productivity and also delivers excellently when it comes to gaming. It offers the potential of having a 16-core or 32-core thread chip in your gaming PC. Add this to the Nvidia RTX 3080, and that’s a mouth-watering deal.


However, at the moment there is the option of the latest Nvidia Graphics card along with the excellent Ryzen 3000-series processors, which is still quite a lot. With the several configurations available in the market, there is the option of getting a six-core PC that comes with the GTX 1650 super for under $1,000.

Like all Aurora cases, it is not the easiest for upgrading due to the design but what you will get is a machine that will give you a great gaming experience.

HP Omen Obelisk

HP has been around for a long time and the build of the Omen Obelisk tells the story. A highly customizable gaming PC, the Omen Obelisk starts with the Ryzen 5 3500 and GTX 1660 Super before moving up the ladder.

The best thing about the Omen Obelisk is the price. It packs a top RTX card and a solid CPU alongside 256GB SSD, 16GB of RAM, and 2TB HDD, and all come priced under $2,000. This, however, has a lot to do with HP trimming the non-essential frills that contribute to the high pricing in gaming PCs in a similar category.


The Omen Obelisk doesn’t offer you the spectacular in terms of design, it is a PC with a compact design and smooth lines.  It opts for a dark aesthetic rather than the spark of the RGB.

The Omen Obelisk is easy to move around within its small frame. It is a PC that screams performance over the look and builds.


The number one advantage for gamers that build their PC is the liberty of choosing the parts they want. However, this could be a daunting task for inexperienced gaming PC builders. When you purchase a gaming PC, you would have outsourced the stress and you are entitled to warranty, support, and you can put your mind at rest. Our service let's you trade your desktop computer for cash in case if your PC is broken or outdated. Simply use the cash to buy a new one.


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