Why You Should Trade-In Your Gadgets Before Black Friday?

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Black Friday is almost here and it is the best time to get the best deals on different products, including gadgets. Is there a gadget you have been longing to buy for a while? Black Friday is one of the best times to do that.


If you want to upgrade on your current gadget, one of the best ways to do so is to trade it in. Here we look at some of the advantages of trading-in your gadgets in preparation for Black Friday. But before we do that, let us talk about what Black Friday is.

Black Friday is the largest retail sales day in the year. Its origin is in the United States and is often seen as the unofficial entry point into the holiday shopping period. It happens in November of each year, and it is on the last Friday of the month.


There is also Cyber Monday, which is always the Monday after Black Friday. Cyber Monday is all about online shopping, an event that promotes online shopping. It is seen as a Black Friday sales extension.

Black Friday for 2020 will happen on the 27th of November, 2020. This is a day post-Thanksgiving Day.

Some of the advantages of buying your gadgets on Black Friday include:
  • You get the best deals, most of which you might not get any other time of the year. Most companies plan their clearance sales to coincide with this period and you should take advantage of this.

  • Since Black Friday is close to Christmas, you can as well do your Christmas gadgets shopping and save a lot of money. You can get gadgets at a cheap rate and gift others during Christmas.

  • You have all the time to shop and make a great choice. This is because most shops open for an extended number of hours during Black Friday.

  • Shopping for discounted gadgets can be fun. You are spoilt with affordable options and this will make you shop with happiness.

  • You can shop as a group for gadgets, and make this a tradition for your friends or family. Everyone can get what they’ve dreamed of and create memories while doing this.

Now, why should you trade-in your gadgets before Black Friday?

Often, people ask what the big deal is on trading in their gadgets. However, it is not only a great way to raise cash for your purchasing a new one. It also helps to keep the environment safe for us all. There are several companies and online stores that buy used gadgets. Even if your gadgets seem like a waste to you, some people buy them and use them for different purposes.

  • Trading in your gadget before Black Friday helps you raise cash for newer and latest ones. There are several ways to do this, you can do this by selling offline or the easier way of selling online. Selling online is easy because there is a ton of people online ready to buy. There are a ready market and several platforms. Some platforms even offer a reward when you trade-in your gadgets.

  • After Black Friday, the value of whatever you’re going to sell will drop. If you want the best price for your phone or laptop, now’s the time to sell.

Here are some of the sites and methods to trade-in your gadget before Black Friday
Selling directly to another consumer

The trading platforms serve as middlemen for these deals, but you can cut them off sometimes and do a physical deal. You can source for a buyer via online platforms and carry out the deal face to face.


On eBay, you can sell anything, including your old gadgets. There are different categories, all you have to do is choose the category that best describes what you want to sell.


Amazon is a huge platform and they have the option of you enlisting your product. You will only be charged $0.99 to sell your gadget through Amazon. However, Amazon is not popular for trade-in sales by individuals.

Best Buy

Best-Buy has two types of trade-in options for you to explore. There is the in-store option and the mail option. They are available in over 1000 locations and your buyer will likely be close to you. However, the only downside is that you can only get paid via a Best Buy gift card.


Black Friday is almost here and if you have not traded-in your gadgets, there is still time. It is at the end of November and you wouldn’t want to miss out on the many great deals that will be on the show. Save yourself enough money by trading-in your old gadgets and buying a new for cheap on Black Friday.


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