11 Things To Do Before You Trade In Your Mac

Apple iMac 27-inch 5k retina display

From my experience, selling a Mac or an iMac is stressful. Because of its size, it's more difficult to package and ship, and shipping fees cost way more than shipping a laptop.

Anyways, I've gone through that stress for you, and I want to share with you a few steps you can take to make it stress-free for you.

1. Backup your files

Generally, most of your files will be stored on your iCloud. But let's say you have some large files you didn't save on your iCloud for whatever reason. Make sure you back them up or transfer them to an external drive. Take your time with this, so you don't skip any vital documents.

2. Sign out from all your accounts

The next step will be to sign out of all your accounts. Social media accounts, streaming accounts, sign out of everything.

3. Deauthorize accounts that have limited usage

Some services have limits on the number of devices you can use them on. So, make sure you deauthorize accounts like iTunes, Netflix, Adobe, Office 365, and any other accounts that have a limit on usable devices.

4. Format your Mac and reinstall a new OS

Now, it's time to format your Mac or iMac. You should this for your own safety to protect you from a hack or any form of cybercrime. Also, a clean system is just more pleasing to a buyer than one that has your kid's pictures as your wallpaper.

To completely format your Mac or iMac, restart it. As it's booting, press option+command+R. It'll take you to a set of options.

Click on disk utility and format your desktop. After you're done formatting your desktop, reinstall the OS. You'll see an option for that once it's done formatting it.

Reinstalling the OS will require a Wi-Fi connection, so make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on.

After these two steps, your iMac is now clean, and your data has been wiped and can't be accessed by a third-party.

5. Transfer your Apple care to the next user

This is just an added bonus to the buyer and isn't compulsory. If you still have an active Applecare subscription, instead of canceling and getting a refund, include it when you're listing your Mac. This attracts buyers faster and could get your iMac sold in a blink. I'm not saying you should transfer it for free, you can add the amount to the price of your iMac.

6. Clean your Mac or iMac

This is a very important stage. The neater your iMac looks, the better pictures you'll take, and the more buyers will be attracted to it.

Take a slightly damp towel and clean the entire computer system, from the monitor to the keyboard and system unit. For a perfect clean, you can use baby wipes, but make sure they're not too wet. Squeeze out the excess moisture before using it.

7. Check and list all damages

Honesty and precision are important when listing or selling your iMac. You need to check for any damages and write them down. You will need to include all this information when listing it to avoid complications, bad ratings, and having to give a refund.

Be as detailed as possible when describing these damages or faults, so you and your buyer are on the same track.

8. Assemble all desktop accessories

The more desktop accessories you have, the more money you get for your iMac or Mac. If you have the complete set of accessories, make sure you include them in the package.

9. Pack your iMac in its original box

Packing and shipping an iMac is where the main work is. It's a big computer and its also expensive. Please, don't use any other box to pack an iMac or Mac except its original box, even if you have to buy it.

That's why I always advise people to keep their iMac box.

Carefully assemble the desktop and its accessories into the box. Now, your iMac is ready to ship.

10. Confirm shipping costs

Don't make the mistake of assuming the shipping costs of your Mac. Trust me, you will be shocked.

Go to the delivery company you want to use, FedX or UPS, and confirm the actual amount it'll cost to ship your computer. Unless you're selling to websites that offer free shipping labels, include the shipping cost in your listing, so your buyer will be aware of how much extra they'll be paying.

Shipping something as big and bulky as the Mac is expensive. Where you're shipping it to also adds to the cost. Make sure you confirm all this information before listing your computer.

11. Buy insurance from the logistic company

Buy insurance for your computer from the logistics company, so that if anything happens to it during the shipping process, they'll pay for it. If you don't do this and your desktop gets damaged in the process of packing, the logistics company can't be held accountable.

To avoid sad stories, pay for insurance.

If you aren't selling to another person and prefer a website, you might not have to bother about any shipping issues.


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