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Getting the newest model or another laptop brand is a good reason to sell your MacBook.

After deciding that you want to sell your laptop, the next question you should be asking yourself is, ‘how much is my Mac Pro worth, and how much can I sell it?

The answer to this question has to be answered honestly. Getting the right valuation of your computer is very important, and will help get its value back.

Let’s look at the various factors that will determine the value of your Apple laptop.




The Model of your MacBook Pro can help determine the price. This is the first thing you should consider.  The model also highlights the year it was produced.

You can find your Pro’s model by selecting ‘About This Mac’ on the Apple menu on your MacBook.

However, if you don’t want to go through the stress of putting on your Mac or it is down due to some reasons, you can check the underside of the laptop or its original packaging for the serial number.

A great resource to check the model online by the serial number is You will have to enter the serial number to find out the model and specs as well as production year.




Knowing the major specs of your MacBook Pro, if not all, is very important.

Does it have the latest updates in software? What is the RAM, Processor, storage, battery life? You have to know all this information.




You have to confirm if your laptop’s model is still in production, or it has been refurbished. If it has been refurbished, compare the new upgrade to your current Mac and know what your Mac is missing and what it is not.


Condition of your MacBook


The way you use your laptop determines its current state. If you have not been careful enough with your MacBook Pro, then it most likely will have scratches and dents, as the aluminum cases are easy to damage. This will for sure affect the price.

Also, if there is a faulty part that needs fixing, whether it is software related or hardware related, it will reduce the value of the laptop as well.

However, fixing those issues can help increase the price you can sell your MacBook Pro. But you have to be certain that the cost of repair is not more than the value of your device when you want to sell it.




The amount you can get for your laptop has to be relative to the price of a brand-new and second hand Macs available on the market.

Normally, when laptops are put for sale, their specs and state of use are usually specified.

Examples of places where you can find these prices are Apple Trade, Best Buy, eBay. You can compare the specs of these MacBook Pros to the spec as well as the current state of your laptop to determine a reasonable price you can sell it for.


Deliberate on the pricing


After taking all the necessary steps of valuation of your MacBook Pro, ask yourself if you would buy it for that much. This can help check if you are overpricing your laptop or underpricing it.




Knowing the value of your MacBook Pro is important. But also knowing where to sell it can greatly affect the price. If you want to get a brand new unit you can trade your Macbook back to Apple using the Trade In program. Apple will not offer you the best price but it will make it very easy. They can even make you feel like your laptops is too old and worthless and will only recycle it for free. 

You will definitely get the best deal with services like SellBroke or by listing your laptop on eBay or Craigslist. Be careful with the last two as there are professional scammers waiting to rip you off if you only let them.