New HTC Vive Full-Body Trackers Will Blow Your Mind

In the virtual reality gaming world, it is common to have tracked hands or controllers, all thanks to the Oculus Tech controllers and HTC Vive controllers. What we don't get to see often is full-body tracking. But the more VR sets are traded the more innovative accessories are being invented.

Typically, with the HTC Vive trackers, all you can do is attach its small disc to objects and make them detachable with the Vive's sensors, giving players the ability to turn ordinary objects to VR-trackable objects.

It creates a wireless connection between the headset and object and lets the player make use of the object in the VR universe.

However, the Vive track belt and track strap, when used with the Vive tracker, offer full-body tracking. There is a more immersive feel for the gamer, and with the device attached to your body, your position is easily tracked in space.

This is extremely useful if you want to immerse yourself in the best VR gaming experience, so you find it very easy to move around in a vast space.

With the Vive trackers coupled with the track strap, the position of your legs and hands are tracked accurately and displayed clearly in the movements of a dynamic shadow of your in-game avatar. But this will be a bit difficult to achieve because that would require two Vive headsets and four controllers, which of the course is expensive.

With the track strap and track belt, you become more than just a floating head with hands in virtual reality as it offers the best solution for full-body tracking in VR. The devices are durable, flexible, and breathable with a durable exterior and are perfect for long-motion capture sessions, extended bouts, and rugged gameplay in the world of VR.

The devices also come with shock-resistant padding, so it can 'take a little beating.

These full-body tracking sensors can track more people simultaneously, and this enhances local player interactions. With the HTC Vive body trackers and its track strap and belt, VR gaming experience is on a whole new level.

In a nutshell, here are some reasons why this kind of tracking may come in handy

Researching and tracking movements of other parts of your body in the VR, not only your head and hands.

For training simulations in which the user might have to run through a procedure that involves the full body.

For building a simulation that needs to track where someone's foot or body position is.

With the full body-tracking experience, you feel more immersed in the Virtual reality world; you feel like you are shooting that bad guy that wants to get rid of you, it is a step forward in the gaming world. It increases your sense of presence.

You can also safely play in local multiplayer since you all can see each other's bodies; you avoid hitting yourselves while together in the virtual world.


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