Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Many people resell their laptops for different reasons, the most popular reason being to get a new laptop. Whatever the reason you have for wanting to sell your laptop is, there are some essential things you should do before selling making it happen.


  1. Backup your data: this is the first step to take before selling your laptop. This is done in order to keep your files after selling your laptop. You can do this using external storage such as a hard drive or back up your files such as photos, software, and other documents in the cloud using google drive, dropbox, OneDrive, or other related cloud storage platforms.


  1. Deauthorize software and deactivate browsers: `you should log out from every software on your laptop and retrieve their product keys. This is done to prevent the new user of the laptop from accessing software, which is meant to be personal and also contain personal information. Furthermore, deactivate your browsers by signing out and clearing browser data.


  1. Format the hard drive: after backing up all the necessary files, this is the next big thing as you want to ensure that the buyer does not gain access to your files. This process is most likely going to take a while, but it is worth the wait. Also, most buyers do not want to be saddled with your files; another reason why a hard drive format is necessary in order to present a new laptop to a prospective buyer.


  1. Reinstall operating system: formatting your hard drive clears the operating system (OS) of the laptop. Therefore, installing a new operating system is essential to make your laptop more presentable and navigable to the prospective buyer, or you may be benevolent and install the OS of the buyer’s liking.


  1. Clean up the computer: this can be considered the last step or thing to do before selling your laptop. You should clean the laptop thoroughly. Clean the screen, the keyboard, the body of the laptop as well as the ports. Ensure the laptop is looking new and presentable. Finally, optimize the speed of the laptop in order to make it run better. Be sure to maintain the laptop properly all its life so it doesn’t have any unnecessary issues.This should serve as an excellent bargaining tool.


In conclusion, added to the above tips, getting the proof of purchase of your laptop ready is another critical thing to do. It also increases the credibility of your sale and the confidence of your buyer in making a purchase.