How To Protect Your Laptop from Hackers

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Not all hackers are criminals, at least by the definition of the word. However, there are criminal hackers and those are the ones you have to protect your laptop from. They can be an organization or it could be a single person with a bad intentions. Hackers steal the data from your computer and can use it it to hurt you. Sometimes it could be life destroying. However, do not be afraid. There are ways you can protect yourself from them. Here, we give you ways to protect your laptop from hackers.

Keep security programs on your computer are up-to-date.

Download the latest security programs, which includes anti-malware software that comes with multi-technologies that can protect you against ransomware, spyware and exploits. You also need to check if your system OS comes with a firewall, if not, you need to download a secure one.

Update your computer’s OS frequently

The same goes for other software on your system. This could be set on automatic mode, so it gets updated every time there’s an upgraded version. Doing this will help you keep hackers away from exploiting the vulnerabilities in your outdated OS, which can be used to hack your computer. Also, to get extra protection, you need to enable system updates and all the Microsoft applications will be up to date as well.

Keep your data private

If you plan on selling your laptop hardware, make sure you destroy all of your information on it. You can do this by using d-ban to cleanse your hard drive. If the information is very sensitive and critical, you have to remove the platters where the information is stored, then destroy the hard drive.

Use strong passwords

Use passwords for all your devices, and make sure the passwords are not easy to coin, using your personal information. If you have fingerprint lock on your device, or the facial recognition unlocking feature, make sure you activate them and use them. Also, I don’t forget to make the time out for locking your device relatively short.

Security questions

When creating a profile of any form on the internet or your laptop, come up with unique security questions and answers. It is now old fashioned to use questions like your father’s name or the name of your first school, as one quick search on the web might reveal that. You can also use the pattern of changing the real answers to security questions asked. If you’re asked what is the name of your dad, you could make the answer the name of your boyfriend. But you must not forget the answer you gave.

Use encrypted

Use encrypted passwords for your Wi-Fi, and make sure you change your router after a while. Old routers sometimes have vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

Keep sensitive data off cloud

Do not keep critical data on the cloud. Sensitive data should be kept off the cloud, as the cloud isn’t as safe as you think. Data stored on the cloud can be exploited as data encryption can sometimes be weak on the cloud.


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