Image by Andreluiz Cunha from Pixabay


Laptop owners usually have a problem with batteries not lasting as long as promised by manufacturer. Many times, the reason for this is our inability to pay attention to some seemingly insignificant, but very vital details regarding the usage of our laptops. Here, we are going to look at the measures to take to ensure the laptop battery lasts longer. Because a laptop with bad battery looses it’s mobility and majority of it’s usage goes away. Then you’re left with either buying a new battery, if you can replace it. Otherwise if the battery is sealed inside you will likely decide to sell your laptop and buy a new one, which might put an unnecessary stress on your budget.


Here are tips to make your battery last longer.


Enable Battery Saver Mode


Laptops come with a variety of options when it comes to the selection of power performance plans. You can access these plans when you navigate to the battery or power options, which are located at the bottom right of the laptop’s home screen.

Some plans elongate the life of the battery, which usually has titles such as “power saver plan,” “balanced plan,” and varies according to the laptop make. When you subscribe to these plans, it reduces the laptop’s performance and processor speed, but it is hardly noticeable, except so many applications are open on your laptop.


Avoid opening too many applications.


Many times, we find out in the course of using our systems that there are so many applications we start up and left in the background even when we are no longer using them. For you to make your laptop battery last longer, you must pay close attention to the applications you open. Always ensure that you close them as soon as you finish using them.

In critical situations where you need your laptop battery to last longer, you should avoid applications such as gaming and networking apps as they consume a lot of battery power. Additionally be careful when opening unknown applications because that’s one way your laptop can catch a virus


Putting it on airplane mode


Internet and network connections play a huge role in shortening the life span of your laptop battery. It is advisable to turn off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or any networking components if you want your battery to last longer. To avoid the stress of locating every single network connection on your laptop to turn it off, it just put it on airplane mode.

Airplane mode is a state in which all internet and network connections are automatically shut down and is usually found in the Network & Internet window in your laptop’s control panel or settings.


Adjusting your display options


Apart from the fact that lowering the brightness of your screen enhances battery life, medical studies have shown that bright lights can negatively affect your eyes. Therefore. it is important to dim the light emanating from your laptop screen. Also, it would be best if you put your laptop on sleep any time you are not using it. It also goes a long way in conserving your battery.


Additional tips to improve your battery life


Avoid using peripherals like microphones, webcams, and any other externally connected devices. Ensure to keep your laptop in an environment with average temperature i.e., not too cold and not too hot.

Avoid leaving your battery to completely run down and charging your battery for an elongated time. Unplug it from the charging point when you see that the battery is full.

As you apply these tips outlined above, you will be able to eliminate the issue of your battery running down before you. And if your laptop’s battery reaches the end of its life please be sure to dispose of it properly.