Can I Recover My Files After My Laptop Crashes From A Virus Attack?

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These days the virus attacks on our systems are becoming increasingly common among computer users. Despite various precautionary steps available to use in curbing the spread of such viruses, they still spread in large number and there’s a high chance of encountering the virus while using the internet. A common virus that disturbs our system is the Trojan horse. 

The Trojan horse are malicious programs that affect our system and corrupts our files causing them to take in other forms and carry out other functions. When this virus corrupts your system, it can lead to a huge data loss in your system. If your laptop gets corrupted by this virus, do not be worried, you can still recover your data and don't have to sell the laptop. How do you do that?

How to Recover your files after it gets corrupted by a virus

One way to recover data that have been corrupted by virus from your system involves the use of the CMD function. With this system, you can recover your lost files without the use of a file recovery system. To do this, take the following steps

  • To run your CMD function; type CMD in your search bar and click on run

  • When the windows open, type in this function -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:*.* with the drive letter being the infected drive such as -h -r -s /s /d E:*.* or -h -r -s /s /d E:*.* and click on enter

  • Windows will automatically repair the infected drive you input into the command prompt. This method works to retrieve data from any infected hard disk, or memory device though it may take some time before the repair is complete. When it is complete, you can now access the folder and get the file you want.

If after trying this method, and your file still refuses to appear, then it's time to try this other one

Recover your files using a lost file recovery software

Now there are numerous lost file recovery software on the internet. With one click of the search button you can have them all at your fingertips. The different software offers users different functions to make use of in recovering their files. You do not need to recover all files. You can search for the file, you need and recover only that one and also search for memory areas, save the result of your search history to continue from where you stopped and many other functions that will benefit the user.

Few tips to aid in recovering lost files

 Its simple to recover your lost files using a recovery software but if you add some additional steps to the recovery method, you can get a more efficient result and prevent the recurrence of such a situation. 

  • Be careful of the attachments you download over the internet. Only download from people you know but sometimes their accounts get hacked so be careful of what you download even from people you know.

  • Be sure of any link before you click or download anything from it. If you’re skeptical about any link, please avoid it.

  • Make sure you install on your system a good anti-virus

  • Make sure to scan every removable device attached to your system to avoid getting it infected

  • If you notice that the data on a drive has become corrupted by virus, do not use them on another device

  • Scan and delete the virus from your external drive before you can attempt to make data recovery.

 With these tips, you can recover a lost file after your laptop gets corrupted by a virus. With a reliable recovery software, you no longer need to be scared about losing your data to virus or even your system.


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