Dell Venue 11 Pro vs Hp Stream 11 Pro

It’s not often that we get to make comparisons between tablets and laptops. However, given how intertwined the functions are these days, one would be forgiven for making comparisons. In this article, we took our time to analyze both the tablet and the laptop and help interested buyers make an informed decision when they want to make a choice.


Dell Venue 11 Pro: The Dell Venue pro 11 comes with a thickness of 10.7mm, which makes it thinner than the HP Stream 11 Pro. It has a height of 279.8mm and a width of 176.5mm, to make it narrower than its competitor. It weighs 757.3g, which makes it lighter than the HP Stream 11 Pro.


HP Stream 11 Pro: As expected, it is thicker than the Dell Venue 11 Pro, with a thickness of 19.8mm. It is also wider than the Dell Venue 11 Pro with a width of 300mm. It comes short in height, with a 205.7mm height. It is bulky with a 1.24kg weight. Way heavier than the Dell Venue 11 Pro.


Dell Venue 11 Pro: The Dell Venue 11 Pro comes with a 10.8 inches screen size, with its resolution at 1080 x 1920px. Comes with a IPS screen, and has a touch screen, features you can’t find in the HP Stream 11 Pro.


HP Stream 11 Pro: A wider screen size compared to the tablet, but a lower resolution. It comes in 11.6 inches screen size, and a 1366 x 768 px resolution.  It has no touch screen feature and no IPS screen feature, but comes with an anti-reflection coating and it has a LED-backlit display.


Dell Venue 11 Pro: The Dell Venue Pro 11 makes up for the absence of an external memory slot with a 128GB internal memory capacity. It has a CPU speed of 4 x 1.6GHz, and a 4GB RAM.


HP Stream 11 Pro: A CPU speed of 2 x 2.16 GHz, a 2GB RAM and an internal storage of 32GB.  It also has an external memory slot. Because it is a laptop, it uses a flash storage as expected.


Dell Venue 11 Pro: Has a main camera, and a a from camera, but doesn’t have a flash. The main camera is 8MP, while the front camera is 2MP. It can create panoramas in-camera.


HP Stream 11 Pro: Has a front camera, which is the Webcam.


Dell Venue 11 Pro: it has no stereo speakers and no socket for the audio jack.


HP Stream 11 Pro: It has stereo speakers, has a socket for the 3.5MM audio jack.


Dell Venue 11 Pro: Has a multi-user system, has Wi-Fi connection, supports widgets, has sharing intents and an HDMI output.


HP Stream 11 Pro: No multi-user system, no Wi-Fi connection, doesn’t support widgets and has no sharing intents. However, as expected for a laptop, it has an HDMI output.


The choice between going for a tablet and a laptop often depends on the capacity at which you need them. Sometime s mobility of device is also considered when making a choice. These devices are also rather cheap and make a great choice for students.


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