Best Laptops with Docking Stations

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The race for best comfort and flexibility of a laptop is an ongoing one. One way to get ahead is with the use of a docking station that can satisfy your needs both at home or at work. If you need to output of multiple monitors for instance or you just don’t have enough port to connect your PC to your TV, monitor and use your drawing tablet at the same time while you are transferring files from your phone. What you need is a laptop docking station that can satisfy your needs. You can check them out in person at stores that sell laptop computers and other electronics. 


Here are the ones we recommend:

Plugable USB-C Triple Display Dock

This is regarded as the best docking station that money can buy at the moment. With the Plugable USB-C triple dock you can easily connect your laptop to all the new equipment and even monitors with high resolution and a need for a USB thunderbolt 3 to perform.

Though this one is vertical it still offers a very good performance and it can connect your laptop to up to three displays at once.



Output: 4K

Support: up to 3 monitors

Charge capability: USB type C laptops

Plugable Thunderbolt 3 Docking Station

This one is the best docking station that we have tested at the price point that it is offered. This docking station can be used both vertically and horizontally. And it can output to an HDMI port, can charge a USB type C laptop while powering up to 2 4K displays at once. if you are a man of class, then you can power a single 5K monitor and even still use the extra USB 3.0 ports for other things.



Output: 2 X 4K, 1 X 5K, HDMI

Support: up to 4 monitors

Charge capability: USB type C laptops

Plugable UD-3900

This is one of those docking stations that are priced under $100 but that gives you a lot more performance than you bargained for. This docking station can power up to 2 HD monitor and has other ports to handle your other port needs. It does not offer a support for a 4K display or USB type C but it will support any other device you might need it for.


Output: HDMI, USB 2 X type A, RJ-45

Support: up to 2 monitors

Charge capability: none.

Humanscale M/Connect 2

This is more suited for an office than a home. It has a full-scale type C port for charging and also a type A adapter, and can support up to 2 4K monitors. It has a clamp design that allows you to keep your table neat and you can get all these goodies for $300.



Output:  2 X 4K, Type A,

Support: up to 3 monitors

Charge capability: USB type C laptops


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