Samsung Notebook 9

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

One thing is sure about the Samsung Notebook 9 and that is the fact that it offers great performance and amazing power. The 15-inch laptop might not be the best selling laptop due to its high price tag, neither does it have the greatest keyboard for people that pay attention to that; however, it is a laptop designed with a particular set of people in mind.

The Samsung Notebook 9 is not a laptop that will give you all, even though you sense that it has the ability to offer more than it currently offers. However, what if offers in actuality is greater than what it doesn’t offer. Its great hardware is one of the outstanding things it offers, also the battery life can help you complete so much work as it lasts so long. If you are the type to classify things like storage, audio and keyboard design above power, you might be slightly disappointed with the Samsung Notebook 9.

Samsung Notebook 9 Specifications

CPU – Intel Core i7 | RAM – 16GB DDR4 | GPU – Nvidia GeForce MX150 (2GB GDDR5); Intel UHD Graphics 620 | Screen Size – 15-inch FHD (1920 X 1080) LED | Storage – 256GB SSD (PCIe) | Weight – 2.82 pounds | Size – 13.7 x 9.03 x 0.61 inches


If Samsung Notebook 9 is worth its price, it will majorly be down to its design and features. It comes in a smart design and great features. The curves are right where they need to be, and it is rightly flat in other areas. The silver aluminum body looks cool too.

The laptop is 0.61 inches thick and is under 3 pounds which makes it lightweight, yet compact enough. It is one of lightest 15-inch laptop you can find around. The keyboard could be better though, as it doesn’t feel great enough for a laptop of such level. The lighting under the keyboard isn’t good enough.


The Samsung offers an excellent display with its FHD, which offers the right color blend via its LED panel. One thing we noticed again, is that the best brightness level you can get is in the outdoor mode in the settings. You can get the best viewing pleasure when you turn the outdoor mode on, as it also offers a blue light reduction mode which makes the brightness less harsh for the eyes.


The biggest catch of the Samsung Notebook 9 is in the performance. It comes with the eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor which is great and its GPU is the Nvidia MX150. Samsung have always put enough effort into this aspect in the past, and they didn’t disappoint this time.

It offers a great graphical performance that is great enough to run casual gaming and lovely video playback. Although, its storage of 256GB is quite underwhelming and not great enough for a laptop of its caliber.

One aspect it performs greatly though is its battery life. It lasted 8 hours under the PCMark 8 battery test and over 12 hours when playing a video.

The Samsung Notebook 9 is great for the daily tasks as it is reliable and strong. It is rare to find a laptop with such great performance and long lasting battery.

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