Best Antivirus Software You Can Get Today

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With security threats on the rise globally, there is a need for not just any antivirus but the best antivirus that guarantees complete user protection from viruses and other harmful malware. However, in order to meet the high demand for antiviruses, there is a high number of suppliers all providing similar services, but the problem now lies in you making the right decision, which can be tricky. Don’t get worked up though I have taken the responsibility of finding for you the best up to date antiviruses.

Best Antiviruses You Can Get Today

Bitdefender Antivirus plus 2019:

This is an all-round everyday protection software. It already has over 500 million users worldwide, and it offers all the features you may need. Compared to other top-class antiviruses, BitDefender scored better overall which makes it my best. It is user-friendly and it can be installed in simple and easy steps.

It also has some weaknesses which include a maximum of three devices per subscription, it works only on Windows 10 devices, and finally, it uses up a lot of juice so less robust systems may find it challenging to run.

Norton antivirus plus:

It runs one of the most advanced privacy security, financial security, and global civilian intelligence network systems. The program has become a common name in the antivirus industry because of its good reputation and the years it has spent delivering excellent antivirus services.

Norton antivirus plus offers a few customization options to help you personalize your software as much as you can, it also has a URL blocker which I particularly fancy. It protects you from acquiring malware by blocking visits to malicious websites. Norton plus is always vigilant hunting for any program that can bring harm to your computer, and you also can scan whenever you want to.

The downside to using this is that the browser extensions are unreliable which to be sincere is what brought it to my number two.

F-Secure antivirus safe

F-secure provides all-round security by using several tools all put it one. It comes with a powerful antivirus software then it includes more features like banking protection for safe online transactions and family-centered tools to make sure that the user is completely protected. It is compactable with Windows and MAC, Android, and IOS and is also a locator if you lose your Android or IOS devices, and if it can’t be found, it can remotely lock or delete it which helps keep your info safe.

The downside is that it can sometimes be over-ambitious and it shows false positives, but it is also doesn’t require much power to function smoothly.

Trend micro antivirus:

Trend micro has a strong reputation for adequate antivirus protection with its expertise in spam and ransomware. It is secure antivirus software that has advanced AI learning abilities, and it is still very easy to use.  The program also has a downside of being too sensitive, so there’s the issue of finding false positives. It also runs slowly and takes up a lot of resources, so old systems may not be able to handle it as it should.

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