Does Apple buy back broken MacBook’s?

Nothing in this world last forever. At least not electronic devices. Even if you think that your Mac outlasts PC it will eventually die. What to do when that happens? How to get some of your money back since you paid more for your Macbook than you would for a Dell or other brand?

Apple Inc. does offer a buyback option for its users through its new recycling program called “Reuse” or you could trade it for credit to your next purchase.

The new Reuse program is a recycling program which was created for its users who have broken or old MacBook’s or other apple devices and is willing to sell them back to the company. Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California is the place to dump all used up or broken apple devices, and you get paid for it.

With Reuse, users who own any IOS device or a Apple computer have access to a buyback option that gives them fair market value of the device they wish to sell. PowerON, a third party company which is in contract with Apple is in charge of placing value on the devices that come into the reuse program.

Apple uses this to help make the world a greener place. The devices that are repurchased will be dismantled during the recycling process, and valuable components like glass, gold, metal, and plastic will be collected and recycled for use in new devices. This initiative extends the useful life of products that have value in the secondhand market hence, saving cost and reducing the amount of e-waste.

Apple stated on its recycling program website that “if your product qualifies for reuse- meaning it has a monetary value – you’ll receive an Apple Gift Card equivalent to its fair market value as determined by PowerON.” This gives the conditions that govern their buyback offer; users who want to sell their MacBook’s or any apple device back to the company must ensure that their device has value or it has components which are of value.

Hard dollar bills would have been preferred by many users, but Apple pays only in Apple Gift Cards. The problem with these gift cards is that they can’t be used everywhere, they aren’t generally accepted so you can’t spend them on many things.

“You can use your gift card for eligible purchases at any U.S. Apple retail store or the U.S. Apple Online Store. If your product does not have monetary value, we’ll recycle it at no cost to use”.

You could also trade your eligible device for credit so that you could add a few more dollars to buy a better device or a brand new model of the one you traded. This option isn’t open to all broken MacBook’s, but you could try your luck.


The buyback process:


The worth of user’s broken devices is valued online; then it is arranged to be shipped to PowerON at no cost. The company will then contact the user if the appraised value is different from the quoted value, which was previously given based on the user’s description of the product condition. The user can then choose not to accept the new value quote, and the device will be returned at no cost. Otherwise, PowerON will arrange to credit the user with Apple Gift Card within three weeks of receipt.

Once the device is in the process, all data on the device will be securely erased while it’s being prepared to be repaired, refurbished, or recycled and then it will be resold.

Users are most likely to sell at a better price to SellBroke or if they find a second-hand buyer for relatively new products in reasonably good conditions. However, older devices which are dysfunctional and have suffered damages, the reuse option may be the easiest and the best alternative.