Why It’s Best to Recycle Your Tablet If the Screen Is Broken

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Yes, it happens. No matter how careful you are with your tablet, accidents happen. All it takes is one bump, drop, or the misfortune of leaving it on a chair for someone to sit on. Any of these things can crack, shatter, or otherwise break your tablet’s screen.

Best case scenario, you are left with a tablet with cracks across the screen, making it impossible to operate. Even worse, it just might not work at all. So, what do you do? There are three options, and, it turns out, in most cases, only one of them is usually the right choice.

3 options for a broken tablet:
  • Professional Repair

  • DIY Repair

  • Recycling and Buying a New Tablet

Option 1: Professional Repair

If you want to ensure that your tablet is fixed right, you might start by taking it to an authorized service provider. Depending on the make and model of your tablet, the cost of the repair may end up costing you an amount that starts to creep up toward the price you originally paid for it. If your tablet is brand new, you may consider it worth the investment. However, with the constant improvements in technology and the deep discounts often available on the previous year’s models, it will likely just not be worth it.

Option 2: Do-It-Yourself Repair

Repairing a tablet yourself may seem like a breeze until you actually try it. Online videos make the repair process seem so easy that anyone can do it. However, it is seldom as easy as it looks. Professional repair services have several specialized tools that make the process easier. Even if you get those tools for yourself, it is difficult to master their use and the overall process the first time. Professional repair techs get to practice on broken devices over and over until they get the hang of it. Your first time out will be on your precious tablet!    

One of the most significant issues you will face when cracking open that tablet the first time is adhesive. Modern tablets aren’t designed to come apart so much of what holds them together is basically glue. To get the old screen off, you will be working against gobs of industrial adhesive. It is easy to accidentally pull out something that you didn’t want to move, such as delicate cables. Once you get past the sticky stuff, the next problem is dealing with the incredible small components inside. Trying to attach a wire or tighten a screw can be a highly frustrating experience.

Option 3: Recycle and Buy a New One

Often, the only reasonable solution is to sell your tablet and purchase a new one. Fortunately, SellBroke makes the process easy and painless. Just go to the website, select your broken device, and get an instant quote. You will get an email with a free shipping label. Send it to us. We will check it out and, if it matches your description, we will send your payment. Then, you can get yourself a new tablet and put the whole thing behind you.