When is it Time to Buy a New Computer?

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Figuring out when to buy a new computer can be quite the challenge. New models come out all the time, but do you really need a new one just yet? An ominous error message might give it away, but other times it is hard to see the signs. That’s why it’s important to know when it’s time.

Most people can reasonably expect to replace their computer once every four or five years. Computers simply aren’t built to last much longer, and software updates drain resources on older machines and cause slower speeds which will become noticeable when new programs struggle to keep up. While that’s one of the first signs, another major sign is if it simply won’t update anymore. If your computer is so old that its system requirements don’t meet the necessary minimums to update to the newest versions operating systems or software, it’s time to buy a new computer.

If your computer is up to date, there’s a ton of other signs that let you know your computer is on a downhill slide. Some you can fix and address temporarily, while others, such as these five, clearly mark the beginning of the end.

5 common signals that your computer is getting old:

  • Slow boot-up times

  • Battery life is poor

  • Overheating

  • Display is hard to see

  • Crashing

1) Slow boot-up times.

A major symptom, slow boot-up times show you that your computer’s resources are being drained. New computers start quick, ready for operation. So, if yours takes minutes to start, you know it’s time to start considering a replacement.


2) Battery life is poor.

As a computer ages, the battery life starts to take a hit. While you can buy a new battery if your laptop’s is replaceable, but that can prove costly as it requires booking time with a technician. If you notice drastic performance differences when comparing your battery life to when you first got your computer, it is putting you on notice.


3) Overheating.

All computers get hot, but if a computer is overheating for no reason it’s time to consider buying a new one. If simple maintenance to clear or replace the fan doesn’t do the trick, it’s definitely time for something new.


4) Display is hard to see.

Low resolution, poor color reproduction and dim backlighting are all key signs it’s time to get a new computer. Computers always improve in these areas, so just because something better is available doesn’t mean it is quite time to upgrade. But when you find yourself struggling and straining to see your screen, it may just be time.


5) Crashing.

Frequent crashes are not good. Bad for your system, crashes and corrupted data cost you time and resources. When crashes start happening regularly, it’s a sign a new computer may be overdue.

There are a few solutions to check into before you spring for a new computer right away based on any of these issues alone. But if you are regularly facing these problems in multiples, it is best you prepare for an upgrade to a new computer in the future.