What to look for when buying a smartphone

Buying a smartphone can be one of the finicky tasks in 2019. There are many companies with aggressive pricing and features. If you are brand oriented, it may be your interest in purchasing a new smartphone the company launches. If you are looking for the information you need to know while buying a smartphone, read the complete article.


Girl with an iPhone

Image from Pixabay

1. Processor

The processor is considered as the brain of the smartphone. All the operations conducted are supervised by the processor. If speed is very crucial, the processor can play an indispensable role. Also, for gaming, the processor must be kept in mind. You need to get details on the architecture process, battery consumption and the clocking speed of the processor used.

Snapdragon 855 is one of the best high-end processors available currently. We highly recommend you to buy a phone with the Snapdragon processor as they have a good overall performance. However, MediaTek, Kirin and so on are also advancing these days.


2. Battery

Everyone wants to buy a smartphone with great battery life. Not only mAh, but there are also other constituents influencing the battery life of the device. The lithography of the processor, for example, the 10nm processor is more power efficient than the 12nm processor. You need to buy a phone that has support for quick charging and can also seek for wireless charging if it matters to you.


3. Display

Higher the PPI value, the more natural, crisper and clearer the display. Also, the screen resolution matters for a better display quality where a greater number is obviously better. You can choose the smartphone with an AMOLED display over LCD display if the pricing of the smartphone meets your budget.


4. Camera

Do not look at the megapixels of the camera used. Sensors, their size, and aperture are the main aspects that matter. The camera with a lower aperture is better. In other words, go for f/1.7 in comparison to f/2.0. For the stabilization, OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) or EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization) are adopted or there will be no stabilization. Here, OIS is better than EIS.

Therefore, there are various things to look for while buying a smartphone. Also, you need to choose the phone with the desired user interface which can be stock or custom. RAM and storage are also equally essential and you should choose according to your requirement where the higher value is better. Authorized dealers that sell phones will be happy to provide all the info and advise you on getting the best phone for your budget.