The Benefits of Owning a Windows-Based PC or Laptop Over a Mac

The debate between owning a PC or a Mac has been a long-running consumer struggle for years. This article will demonstrate just some of the pros of owning a Windows-based PC or laptop over a Macintosh device.

For full disclosure, I have been using both PC and Mac for many years, and while I do enjoy using both for specific purposes, I prefer a PC setup as my go-to daily work and leisure device. PC has many pros going for it, as it can be built future proof, has a lot more software, is the best place for gaming, has a greater use of backward compatibility, and more.


Old Monitor Windows XP

Image by luis cornejo from Pixabay

1) Future Proofing

Unfortunately for newer Apple computers, they cannot be upgraded or built to your specifications. For Mac, they produce several versions of the same computer, so you still have somewhat of a choice of what you can get, but usually at a premium price.

For PCs and laptops, if it’s in the system, it can be upgraded and changed to whatever you may desire. If you need it to be faster, last longer, expanded its storage, or even add an extra USB port, you can do that.


2) The Selection

When your figuring out what PC or laptop to purchase, from many different companies, you will be greeted with what will seem like endless options of what computer you may want.

Apple, as it stands, only manufactures Mac computers with just a few variations to choose from, again typically at a premium price.

Since many companies make different PCs and laptops, it results in a larger selection of computers with a wide variety of prices. There’re many great builds and prebuilt computers that are very cost effective.


3) Software, Please!

PCs and laptops have more software available to them as programs can be easily modified and built for those devices. Basically, if you think it, it properly already existents on PC. Due to its more extensive variety, you get to choose what you want, pay for what you want, and even at times, obtain must of the programs for free.

On Mac, there is usually an equivalent to some of the programs on PC, but it may not work as well.


4) Backward Compatibility

Windows-based PCs and laptops have greater backwards compatibility, not just with its OS, but with cables, external devices, software, and hardware.

For example, a five or more-year-old Windows computer can run the latest Windows OS (depending on the specs of the computer). Also, windows still use many Machine learning cable ports on their computers.

However, with Mac, usually if you have an older Mac computer and upgrade to a newer Mac OS, you will lose some features as the specs in your computer may not be compatible with newer or even older system features.


5) Gaming

I had to through this in here, but simply Macs don’t have the power or graphics cards needed to run video games. With the many customizations that PCs and laptops offer, it’s the best place to play video games compared to the Mac.

I hope this article helps you make the best for your future device!

By: Dylan L