Lenovo Flex 2 14-Inch Touchscreen Laptop – Review

Lenovo Flex Laptop Tablet

The overall look of this machine is great. Whether you have the grey or black model it looks sleek and trim with the grey palm rest assembly offset with the black keyboard makes it look higher priced than the tag actually goes for. This machine is filled with the Ultrabook Intel Core i7 4510U (2.00 GHz) 256 GB SSD Intel HD Graphics 4400 Shared memory card and runs on Windows 8.1 from the box but is easily upgraded to Windows 10.

Lenovo Flex Laptop Tablet

The Lenovo line seems to be a valid replacement for the pricier product out there these days. Though the brand of Lenovo doesn’t sound as fancy as others once you begin to research the parameters, it’s hard not to consider this line as a decent alternative to the more pricey brands. The Lenovo Flex 2 is thin and affordable. The 300° degree flip touch screen is perfect for the on-the-go entertainment and productivity, not only does it make for a good conversation piece it’s looks remarkably cool. When in normal work mode and applications simply use it as a laptop, but when the time comes to use it as a media device or a chat system you can simply turn back the screen and use the very responsive touch screen.

Lenovo Flex Laptop Tablet

While the Lenovo Energy Manager is said to protect the long-term durability of the battery and uses advanced energy-saving technology to increase the time spent between charges, the common day user will probably not find this to be a true test of the facts. The battery life is poor, and holds a charge for about 2.5 hours if you’re using the internet over a Wi-Fi connection, and much shorter if you’re charging a phone or camera battery externally. One way around this low battery life cycle is to turn down the screen to only 50%, however, the brightness dramatically drops off and becomes very difficult to comfortably see. Another issue that’s worth mentioning is the trackpad, it’s not as responsive as other brands and the differentiation between the left and right click doesn’t seem to be consistently in the same place so you may want to consider having a wireless mouse to better navigate your machine. The Lenovo Flex 2 also doesn’t come equipped with an optic reader so if you are one that likes to watch your CD collection, you’ll have to invest in an external.

Sell Lenovo Flex Laptop Tablet


Screen Size – 15.6 inches
Max Resolution – 1366 x 768
Processor – 1.9 GHz Intel Core i7
Hard Drive – 500 GB Flash Memory Solid State
Wireless Type – 802.11bgn
Number of 2.0 USB Ports – 2
Number of 3.0 USB Ports – 1
Battery Life – 6 hours
OS – Windows 8
Weight – 4.9 pounds
Product Dimensions – 10.9 x 1.1 x15 inches
Processor Count – 1
Flash Memory Size – 8
Hard Drive Speed – 5400 RPM
Battery – 1 Lithium Ion


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