9 Steps to Selling your iPhone for the Most Money

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If you want to sell or trade in your iPhone for a new one, this is the article for you. There is more to switching a phone than just selling it and getting paid. You need to follow steps so you don't regret your decision.

Here is a guide to help you make the most money when you sell your iPhone online.

1. Take Care of the iPhone
2. Backup
3. Turn off your 'Find My iPhone'
4. Logout of iMessage
5. Unpair your Airpods
6. Unpair your Apple Watch.
7. Logout of iCloud
8. Wipe your iPhone and Delete data
9. Eject your SIM card

1. Take Care of the iPhone


The condition of your old device determines how much you will get paid for it. So, you need to keep it safe from scratches that can decrease the price value. Although, you will be able to sell it even if it is not looking its best. Getting the most money out of your old iPhone requires cleanliness all over. You can use a screen protector for the screen, and a pouch to protect the body. You can also put it safely away in a cool place until you are ready to sell.

Overall: Keep it safe.

2. Backup


This is one of the most important things to do before getting rid of a broken iPhone. You can easily restore your files and avoid the risk of losing important documents. What you want to do is wipe your entire data by:

  1. going to your "Settings",

  2. click on your name,

  3. go to iCloud,

  4. and back up.

Overall: Save what you need.


3. Turn off your 'Find My iPhone'


This feature could pose an issue for a new user, so it is important to deactivate it before you give your iPhone up. Although it is deactivated when you wipe your data, it is good to take precautions.

All you need to do is:

  1. go to your "Settings",

  2. click on your name,

  3. then turn off "Find My iPhone".

You will need to input your Apple ID and password.

Overall: Don't make it hard on the buyer.

4. Logout of iMessage


Previous iPhone users always have the issue of receiving new iMessages on their previous phone instead of their new device. Although this mostly happens to users that switch to Android from iOS. To fix this problem, you can toggle the iMessage feature off in the settings.

Overall: Make it easier on yourself.

5. Unpair your Airpods


If you forget to unpair your Airpods from your old iPhone, you can still connect it to your new iPhone. What you should do is place your Airport close to your old device, and on your iPhone, click on Settings and Bluetooth. Click on the information icon and choose "Forget this Device".

Overall: Don't forget to "Forget".

6. Unpair your Apple Watch.


It is safe to unpair your Apple Watch from your soon-to-be old iPhone. What you want to do is:

  1. place your device and the Apple watch next to each other,

  2. open the "Watch" app on your iPhone,

  3. go to "My Watch",

  4. choose your watch at the top screen,

  5. click "Unpair",

  6. and tap to confirm it.

This process also requires you inputting your Apple ID password.

Overall: Make sure to unpair all accessories. 

7. Logout of iCloud


All of your Apple devices have iCloud, and contain your data and files. The safest process to take when ditching an iPhone is to sign out of the iCloud. It will protect you from unwanted access to your personal data.


What you do is:

  1. go to "Settings",

  2. click on your name,

  3. and sign out.

It will require your Apple ID and after that you can turn it off.

Overall: Leave no stone unturned. 

8. Wipe your iPhone and Delete data


This is pretty self explanatory. You do not want a third party accessing all your data and files. What you have to do is:

  1. go to "Settings",

  2. click on "General",

  3. and press "Reset".

You will get other prompts, which include "Erase All Content".

Overall: Start out fresh. 

9. Eject your SIM card


A lot of previous iPhone owners make the mistake of leaving in their old SIM card when they want to trade or sell their old iPhone. The SIM card has bits of data that could identify you. So, it is crucial that you remove it from your iPhone before you get rid of it.

Overall: Cherish the small things. 


After taking all the above steps, your iPhone is good and ready to be sold or traded in. And there are many safe and solid marketplaces to make that happen. They include SelBroke.com, Best Buy, Apple Trade In, uSell, Decluttr, eBay, and so on. Let's explore the best options.


5 Legitimate Places You Can Sell Your iPhone Online


You might need extra cash and need to swap out your old iPhone to get. And while new iPhones are constantly coming out every year, older iPhones 11 do not have to be obsolete. People who cannot afford the new iPhone can still use a used iPhone.

iPhones are unarguably the best and hottest device in the market selling about 22 million every year. So if there is an old iPhone around, it might be worth exchanging it for money. But before you look for places that will buy, there are a few things to know before selling your iPhone.


What to know Before Selling your iPhone


While your phone doesn't need to be the latest model, it needs to have certain qualities. You should have realistic expectations of the price when selling the used phone. A few things to consider before putting your iPhone on the market are:


Condition-  Most buyers will like to know the state of the phone they are about to buy, and as long as it is not a refurbishing site, the condition matters. Because the better and neater the device looks, the better it will sell.


Carrier- Many cell phones are compatible with any voice, data, and text carrier, but most older models work with a particular carrier. If you check the phone settings, you will find the IMEI number to know the original carrier.


Price- The condition and the carrier of the phone largely depend on how much it will sell for. If you are not sure of the price, you can check on certain websites to compare prices.


Legitimate Places You Can Sell Your iPhone Online

  1. eBay
  2. BuybackBoss
  3. Decluttr
  4. uSell
  5. QuickSell

The Classic


One of the oldest auction sites. Known for refurbishes and independent sellers of old and new phones. To sell on eBay, you will need to create a detailed page of everything concerning your phone. The downside to using eBay is that they only use the PayPal form of payment and have to pay a selling and listing fee as you sell on their platform.


The Best Upside


This platform is guaranteed to give you the best price. And no matter the condition of your phone, you still get to choose the price you want to sell it. They have a team that makes sure you get your money after selling your phone without stress.


The Well Known


This platform is a refurbishing company that buys phones directly for cash. First, you tell them the phone's condition, then you are sent a shipping kit and offer. Once the phone gets backs to them, you get paid. They are well known and are said to have over six million customers. You will get paid with a check, direct deposit, or cash.


The Apple Enthusiast


uSell is a refurbishing company that lets you be at ease while efficiently handling your buying and selling process. They offer different payments when they receive your device, erasing worry and stress of scams or looking for buyers. You give a detailed analysis of the phone, make, and condition, then you get an offer and a shipping package. This platform is one of the top options for iPhone sellers because of its streamlined processes and free shipping.


The Best Support


QuickSell is very efficient. You can trust them when it comes to customer service. They give an immediate evaluation for your device and a free shipping label to ship directly to them.  Your payment is immediately processed through eCheck or PayPal, but it could take a longer time to process if it is a more extensive operation.




A few last major things to look out for when considering a marketplace is the seller protection, reputation, popularity, and seller fees. There are benefits to selling your old iPhone instead of throwing it away. It will add extra cash to your pocket and give another person the opportunity to have an iPhone. It also provides the manufacturers with materials without needing to source new materials, which is economy friendly.

When you want to sell your device, no matter the marketplace you choose, you have to be careful and trust your instincts when dealing with buyers. Understand what your phone is worth and have a realistic expectation of how much people will pay for it. And do not forget that scams exist. If somebody comes to buy it for more than other platforms, you know it's too good to be true.


For more news on the latest tech, or replacing your old tech, visit sellbroke.com.

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