4 Tips to Increase Value of a Game Console Before Selling

If you’re looking to trade your game console and you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

With new more demanding games coming out all the time you want to have the best console to handle them. That leave you no choice but to upgrade to a newer model and to sell your old unit. So, whether you’re moving on to more powerful hardware or you’re clearing out space because you don’t use the console as much as you want, then you should execute these few steps to increase the value of your machine.

This guide would cover all the vital information from the basics of selling to the best way to increase value of your console.

What to do to increase your console value?

To figure out the worth of your gaming console in today’s market depends on the state and performance of the device. A major factor is if it is 100% functional. If it has issues such as scratches on the exterior, broken Wi-Fi, or faulty disc drive, this can affect the value.

What is important to note is that no matter the state of your unit, it still have value to someone. Even if it doesn't power on, it can be recycled and some companies are interested in buying back such device to recover good parts and components. So what do you do to increase the value?

  • Check if it’s still working

Before you decide to sell your game console, you need to plug it in and see if it still works. This is the first step to checking its value. Put in a game disc, boot up the system, and examine its exterior for marks or scratches. Also, check if its hard drive is functional and what space is left on its total capacity.

If after checking all these, you find some defects, don’t panic. This is because the fault won’t stop you from selling the console, it will only reduce the price it can be sold for.

If you also think of fixing it before selling the machine, you shouldn’t because the cost of repair services is generally high and not cost-efficient. You’ll spend more on repairs than you’ll get back.

  • Examine the console’s performance

After switching on your system to test if it still works, you also need to test any extra the features as these are added value to your package. Most of these consoles come with special features like:

Motion control

This allows your game movement to be transferred on the screen in compatible games. Making it easy to swing a sword, bat, or shoot a weapon. It also helps with fitness and dancing games.

TV and Cable control

This feature puts your gaming console in charge of your TV and Cable entertainment. With this control, you can change your TV channels and browse your cable content instead of using your cable box.

Remote Play

This is the ability of your console to stream content on your mobile device. This function lets your device process your games so you can play them on smaller screens.

Backward Compatibility: this feature lets you play games from previous generations of consoles on a newer generation console.

  • Wipe your data

While still testing the console’s functionalities, you should also clean your data off the system. Go to your settings and locate account management on whatever console you use. In the account management section, you should find where to delete your profile/data information. After deleting your info, your system would give you options on what next to make your console function like brand new.  Sometimes you’ll need to do a quick restart and re-initialize your system to make it work as new.

  • Gather necessary accessories and repackage your console

Now before taking this step, you need to understand that the makers of your game console have released several versions of that console since you purchased yours. It is important to know which version you want to sell as this would impact the value of your unit. You can also experience issues if you mislabel it.

You also need to know your console’s hard drive capacity because it’s also important to its value. While gathering relevant information regarding its version also take time to search for its original packaging and accessories if available. Gather as much as you can and hold them in place with bands. Place all accessories in the console’s original packaging as this gives it some level and increases the value for sale.

Final Verdict

If you find an old game console and you’ve seen it doesn’t work do not be alarmed as you can still make some few bucks. Some companies are willing to pay for consoles that don’t work. You just need to make research on those companies and get in touch with them. You can also list your consoles on eCommerce sites using the “For parts or not working description." As far as you’re honest with its condition upfront, some people are willing to buy the console.

Lastly give as much honest information as possible upfront. All market places and selling platforms make returns very easy. So if the buyer won't be happy for any reason he can send it back and most of the times you will be responsible for shipping charges both ways.


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