Lenovo Legion Y740 15 Review

Lenovo Legion Y720 Front

The Lenovo Legion Y740 is a great gaming laptop that offers high-speed performance and delivers even when it comes to games that require a high level of graphics. All these added to its stunning and bright display in a gorgeous, a little bit chunky chassis.

It’s challenging to get a gaming laptop that delivers well across the board. While some are not powerful enough, others dwell too much on aesthetics and some who offer less on the peripherals.

However, Lenovo attempted to and largely succeeded in making the Legion Y740 powerful and gorgeous, while also ensuring that all the individual components of the device are solid. Lenovo plans to sell laptop to video game enthusiasts around the world.

It comes with the latest Intel i7 processor and a lot of RAM enough to handle whatever you throw at it. It also houses the latest Nvidia Turing discrete GPU. The display is HD and provides crisp imagery. The Y740 can absolutely handle any intense gaming loading.

  • It comes with powerful internal components

  • Has the latest Nvidia discrete graphics

  • Has a refresh rate of 144Hz

  • The design is beautiful, especially for a gaming laptop

  • It has a poor keyboard arrangement

  • The battery life is poor


The Legion Y740 has an elegant chassis, the build is from aluminum of high quality, and this gives it the gorgeous feel without forgetting durability. It switches things up with the RGB lighting, which lights up not only the keyboard but also the air vents along with the Y sitting on the O of Legion on the lid.

The keyboard is quite comfortable as it comes with a little rubber feel in its grip. The response time is quick, and it has an anti-ghosting feature, which helps increase the accuracy of response. The touchpad allows for gestures, as it is powered by “Windows Precision Drivers.”


The Lenovo Legion 740 has a lot of horsepower, and it definitely deserves a screen that keeps up. The Y740 screen compliments it quite well with its FHD 1080p display. It provides a crisp and detailed display with excellent color production. It also brightens up well too, as it can produce up to 500 nits of brightness.

The display has a 144Hz refresh rate, which means it will handle even the quickest of games. It also features the Nvidia G-Sync, which helps to limit screen tearing, and also Dolby Vision’s software enabled HDR.


The Legion Y740 delivers highly on performance, as it comes with the 8th-generation Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM, and the highly-rated Nvidia RTX 2070. It is safe to say the Legion Y740 can handle anything you throw at it. It ran the best games smoothly, even on the highest settings. One area the Legion Y740 doesn’t impress is the battery life. It is a common thing for gaming laptops to have poor battery lives, but the Y740’s is particularly weak. It clocks just over 2 hours at full charge, probably due to the power demands of the Nvidia graphics and its high refresh rate.

Final Verdict

Apart from its poor battery life and maybe a little keyboard placement problem, the Legion Y740 is a gamers' joy. A high refresh rate, a great display, an impressive level of performance, and a lovely chassis is all you will get from the Legion Y740. At its price of $1,369, it is an absolute steal.

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